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3 Types of Funeral Shipping – When you need to make smart decisions

Funerals are a fact of life, a part that brings large and small families together to celebrate a loved one. They can happen anywhere and at anytime – life dictates these types of celebrations  but what happens when the majority of your family is in location A and the deceased is in location B – Funeral shipping.

Its a very common procedure that helps get a loved one to their final resting destination. It can be domestic, international or you can even ship ashes – called Cremains. How it happens and the steps involved are usually handled with the help of a knowledgeable funeral director. Our funeral directors can negotiate local and international laws, paperwork and airlines so you can not worry about the nuances.

3 Types of Funeral Shipping

Learn about Domestic Funeral Shipping – Click Here
The transportation of your loved one is a delicate matter, one which you should be fully involved in. Call International Funeral Service of NY today so that we can help you 888-213-1005.

Prices start at $695.00**

(**Cash Advances are monies advanced on the Customer’s behalf to pay third parties. Crematories, Cemeteries, airfare, Clergy Death Certificates etc.)

Learn about International Funeral Shipping – Click Here

Our commitment to customer services means that your call will always be answered by a funeral director, never an answering service or voicemail.

We understand that every family is unique and has different customs and faiths. We strive to accommodate these needs working with each individual family to provide a service that honors the deceased. To explore other options or services and receive an exact quote, please call our office at 888-213-1005.

Learn about Shipping of Cremains(ashes) – Click Here

Every Country has its own regulations requiring the 
shipment of cremains(Ashes). We can help by acting as resource for information or taking care of this task completely. Please contact us for additional information, however prices do vary from country to country.


We offer domestic and international shipping of cremains and we are available now to discuss your needs. Call now –  so that we can help you 888-213-1005


We are a fully licensed, comprehensive funeral home specializing in shipping and cremation. Centrally located in NYC, we are within minutes of all major NYC hospitals, airports, and medical examiners offices. We can assure you of prompt service, for local arrangements as well as those held abroad.

NO CALL GOES UNANSWERED! 800-213-1005 – call and speak to our smart and knowledgeable funeral directors so you can celebrate your loved one today!


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  1. Isha S.M. June 4, 2014 at 4:09 am #

    Thank you international shipping – Oh how worried I was about shipping my uncle from New Jersey to Pakistan. He was in the hospital when we were told he only had a few days left. It was a scary time and we were so very nervous. However your team and funeral directors were very patient and in the end were able to quickly get him back to my family plot in Pakistan. We are very grateful.

    Thank You.
    Isha S.M.

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