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Affordable cremation in queens

Affordable cremation in Queens, NY.

We hear questions about affordability often; but the truth is you want not only a fair priced cremation but a crematory you can trust. We hear from a lot of our customers that cremation sounds complex; but we make it EASY. Not only will we take care of everything; but we’ll ensure you get a stress free solution.

Just what is direct cremation in Queens?

Lots of the families we serve have questions regarding cremation, and specifically, about direct cremation. People keep asking exactly how a Queens cremation service is different from a “traditional” funeral service that is followed by cremation.

A direct cremation is definitely the lowest priced disposition service which is available from a funeral home. Direct cremation is offered by select licensed funeral-cremation providers to serve the specific needs of individuals who want the most simple, sensible, and affordable way of disposing of the human dead.

Embalming is NOT REQUIRED for a direct cremation so it’s not implemented. Instead of a casket, the remains will be placed in a simple, rigid, cardboard alternative container. There is no service with the body present when a direct cremation is selected. Any service you arrange post-cremation is called a “memorial service” and can be arranged as well

Direct cremation does NOT INCLUDE a public visitation period or a “wake.”

There are a few more minimal details; which we would like to discuss with you right now – call us:

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