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Funeral Shipping to Portugal

Do you need complete information on Funeral Shipping to Portugal?

We are the number #1 funeral shipping company in NYC specializing in funeral shipping to Portugal.

Districts we ship to in Portugal

1 Lisbon 2,250,533 Population
2 Leiria 470,930 Population
3 Santarém 453,638 Population
4 Setúbal 851,258 Population
5 Beja 152,758 Population
6 Faro 451,006 Population
7 Évora 166,706 Population
8 Portalegre 118,506 Population
9 Castelo Branco 196,264 Population

Major Airports + contact info: Lisbon International Airport & Faro International

Airlines servicing country: TAP Airlines Daily flights out of Newalk

Consulates + contact info:
590 – 5th Avenue New York, NY 10111

Basic information to ship to Portugal (items required):
Passport, Birth Certificate or Marriage certificate, Death Certificate, Permit….

Basic cost/starting cost:
$1800.00 plus cash advances

Time Frame:
1 to 2 days – if death is in NYC & NJ

What are the next steps you should take if you need funeral shipping to Portugal:

  • Call our office right now: 888-213-1005
  • Have a consultation with our director to get a verbal and written quote from us.
  • To move forward we need to be authorized to act on your behalf with verbal and written consent (we will assist you with this step).
  • We will give you updates and keep you well informed on our progress.
  • We strive to make this complex situation a lot less stressful so you can focus more on your family at this difficult time.

No Call Goes Unanswered! 888-213-1005


International helped me ship my grandmother from New Jersey to Lisbon. The price was right and they handled all of the paperwork for me. I just had to provide some basic information. And my favorite grandmom was buried in her family plot.
Marco F. NJ

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