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How to Ship Human Remains to India for Burial

Shipping human remains to an international or domestic location is called “Repatriation of human remains“.  While families and loved ones do not actively search for information on How to Ship Human Remains to India for Burial for example; when a family member passes it is a search that has to take place. In some cases funeral plots or family members do not live in the same location as the deceased and in these cases funeral shipping is required.

Funeral Services NYC specializes in domestic and international shipping of human remains. We can provide  24 hour repatriation and worldwide shipping service to you and your family at the time of their need. We can help assist you anywhere in the United States as well.

International Funeral Shipping

We specialize in international shipping, processing all the necessary documentation required by the different consulates for international shipping in a timely manner. Our organization was created for this purpose and our experience enables us to keep costs down and work as efficiently as possible. We have been servicing families as well as funeral homes nationwide for years.

For example if you needed to  Ship Human Remains to India for Burial you would contact us 24 hours a day; and speak to a funeral director. We would ask specific questions and asses your needs.

Please call, we serve as a resource and will assist and answer any questions without commitment. Each country has different requirements for international shipping and as such prices may vary.

However our price starts at $2200.00 plus airfare and documentation.

Our commitment to customer services means that your call will always be answered by a funeral director, never an answering service or voicemail.

We understand that every family is unique and has different customs and faiths. We strive to accommodate these needs working with each individual family to provide a service that honors the deceased. To explore other options or services and receive an exact quote, please call our office at 888-213-1005.

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