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Pre-Planning Cremation

Are you looking for information on Pre-Planning Cremation?

Cremation Pre-Planning is a great way to make sure your cremation wishes are followed. Pre-planning the cremation will allow your family members to deal with the death and “not” deal with the decisions surrounding the process. By pre-planning, you can prevent your family from selecting an expensive mortuary, when all you really desired was something much simpler like cremation. Thinking ahead allow you to be in control of the whole situation and you would be surprised at how many people actually do inquire about and setup preplans.

Benefits of pre-planning funeral arrangements  include:

  • Allows individuals the opportunity to make personal and specific selections for the funeral service that most closely meets their needs;
  • Spares loved ones from having to second-guess the wishes of the deceased at the time of need;
  • Allows for time to research funeral homes, burial options, and financial considerations;
  • Provides an option to set aside funds for final expenses, relieving family members of an unexpected financial burden;
  • Medicaid/SSI recipients may set aside money to fund the service of their choice before their funds are exhausted down to necessary eligibility levels.

 It is probably time to think about preplanning.  What should you do now?

The next step is easy; call our funeral director at 888-213-1005 – No Call Goes Unanswered!  OR click here to get a FREE brochure

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  1. John.P June 4, 2014 at 4:03 am #

    As a “baby boomer” I’m trying to learn about my options once I die (wow that sounds weird). Really at the end of the day I don’t want to burden my children with my burial or cremation. I just want to research now and get it done so they don’t have to. Your website seems to be pretty informative and i’ll be calling to speak to you in a few days. I just wanted to comment here and say thanks for being transparent and having an easy to read website.
    Nassau County NY

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