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How to ship human remains

Human remains shipping

Human remains shipping is a specialty that Funeral Services NYC handles for thousands of clients every year. The question of how do we get the human remains of a loved one back to a US state or even an international location comes up frequently. It is something we take seriously and we ensure that your loved one’s remains are shipped safely and quickly to the final destination. We take care of everything from traditional transportation to air transport and handle it totally so you don’t have to worry.

Do you need to ship human remains?

With just one call, our service can arrange to have your loved one transported to any state in a price conscious manner. Working with a funeral home of your selection located at the final destination, we will be sure that the service for your loved one takes place seamlessly. The transportation of your loved one is a delicate matter, one which you should be fully involved in. Call International Funeral Service of NY today so that we can help you 888-213-1005.

We offer 3 different options:


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