3 Reasons why cremation is a good choice

Are you considering cremation?

Cremation is becoming a more popular choice among people in their time of need or when they are pre-planning. Compared to more traditional funeral arrangements such as grave side burials and the higher costs of traditional burials cremation is becoming more common place.

What is cremation – really?
During the process of cremation, human remains are placed in a wooden box, and then into a crematorium or furnace. Once inside they are heated to temperatures between 1600-2000 °F until the human remains are reduced to tiny bone fragments and ashes. The bone fragments are then processed in a machine until they resemble coarse sand, light gray in color. At this point many families put these ashes into URNS or containers.

Here are 3 reasons why “you” should consider cremation:

  1. Cremation is generally less expensive than traditional burials
  2. If family members wish to delay the a memorial service, cremation allows more flexibility in scheduling a later date
  3. Cremated remains placed or scattered in a significant location

Cremation vs. Burial – A Personal Decision at the end of the day
Many times family members and loved ones have strong feelings about the way they want to be laid to rest. Some people are firmly opposed to cremation, while others much prefer it to burial. The reasons are varied, but often private and very meaningful to them. The decision to should be made carefully and our funeral director is available anytime to discuss your options – there is no obligation!

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How you want to be laid to rest is a personal decision. It is important to discuss your wishes with your family and our funeral staff. This will make funeral preparations a lot easier for everyone involved.