Cremation Price Breakdown

Professional Services
Direct Cremation** $650.00
Cash Advances
Rosehill Crematory $180.00
Tolls to Crem. $35.00
Burial Permit $46.75
Death Certificates $15.00 in NYC
(Price Varies. depending on place of death)

Total Professional Services $911.75+Death Certificates

**Direct Cremation includes:

  • Transportation of your loved one place of death to our funeral home
  • Staff services to secure necessary authorizations for the cremation process
  • Local transportation to the crematory of your choice
  • An alternate container for cremations
  • Temporary plastic URN
  • Refrigeration for up to 48 hours at no additional Charge
  • Pre-Cremation Identification
  • Retrival of your loved ones ashes from crematory of choice back to our funeral home

(*If a person passes away at home. Additional personnel is necessary to safely transfer your love one. The charge for the assistant is $100.00)
(**Cash Advances are monies advanced on the Customer’s behalf to pay third parties. Crematories, Cemeteries, airfare, Clergy Death Certificates etc.)

Additional services are available please call for more information – call and speak to a funeral director to learn about Cremation Price Breakdown and all cremation costs.

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If the deceased is a veteran – please click here to see Veteran Funeral Benefits


If the death occurs outside of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, West Chester, New Jersey, etc, We Can Help! Please call for additional information and pricing.