Funerals – Burials or Cremation

What should you decide on – Burial or Cremation?

When the time comes to make hard decisions about a loved ones’ passing – people forget that they have multiple options when it comes to funerals. Funeral options range from affordable to extravagant and everywhere in between. At the end of the day, our number one goal is to make the experience as stress free as possible. We offer many creative and intelligent services that will allow you to complete the process quickly and effectively.

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Our funeral directors can help you understand and decide the “best” options for your situation. These options range from:

Our funeral directors and staff understand that people might have a lot of questions and confusion on whether they should cremate or burials. This is very normal unless the deceased planned ahead and used our “Preplaning service“. Some of the benefits of pre-planning funeral arrangements  include:

  • Allows individuals the opportunity to make personal and specific selections for the funeral service that most closely meets their needs;
  • Spares loved ones from having to second-guess the wishes of the deceased at the time of need;
  • Allows for time to research funeral homes, burial options, and financial considerations
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Direct Burial

A Direct Burial includes *removing your love one from the place of death, making all necessary arrangements, a plain wood casket and the transfer of the remains to the cemetery in a alternative vehicle. The price for this option starts at $1200.00 **Cash advances are additional.

Graveside Service

Graveside service is removing your love one from the place of death, making arrangements which includes casket selection, coordinating clergy for the service and transfer of remains to the cemetery in a hearse or alternative vehicle. The price for this option starts at $1000.00 plus casket. **Cash advances are additional.

Green Burial

Green Burial / Natural Burial
This is a earth friendly option. The decedent is to be buried in a bio-degradable casket, blanket or shroud. No vaults or embalming, however we do have earth friendly options to those who wish to have a veiwing. A Green Cemetery requires the grave site is to remain natural. Please call for information.


A direct cremation, or a cremation without any service, is our simplest option for a cremation available. Selecting this service includes the transferring your loved one from the place of death to our funeral home, the services of our staff securing any necessary authorizations during the arrangement conference, basic transportation to a local crematory, an alternative container suitable for cremation, and the return of the cremains in a timely manner. The arrangement conference may take place at your home, our office, or we may complete the process over the phone if most convenient. The total price of this basic service is $600.00 plus cash advances

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