I’m back from Cyprus and wanted to tell you how thankful I am.

I don’t have enough words to express how much I appreciate all you’ve done and accomplished in a couple of days. You kept me in the loop so I felt involved and aware, you looked out for issues that may come up that I had no clue about (like the dimensions of the coffin), you were like this miracle man that flew in and took care of everything. You got my mom home and she is now at peace. Read more

Sophia C.

I have been going through some tough financial times. My mom passed and no one in my family could help me. I turned to International and they were able to take care of me and my mom. They referred me to the Human Resource Administration, the funeral expenses were covered by the City. It was such a relief during this difficult time.

Sal. R

My uncle pasted away at Memorial Hospital. It was my task to get him back to India. I called International and felt comfortable right way. They knew exactly what was needed by our consulate. The director said a casket was not necessary, just a special shipping case. My uncle was at the airport the very next morning. My uncle arrived back home safely.

Gupta P.

My brother wanted to be cremated and I was referred to International Funeral Service by a family friend. They kept the cremation affordable and managed perfectly. Thank you from Manhattan.

Timothy R.

I did not know where to start nor what to do. International set up an in-home funeral arragement and explained everything to me. They made it easy to understand and helped me arrange all the details. I would recommend them anytime.

Joan. D